Goldentyre 923

The Goldentryre GT923KV tires are a new concept of Adventure and Enduro On/Off tires dedicated to off-road expeditions and featuring both off-road traction and on-road stability with excellent mileage.

Specifically engineered for medium to large displacement bikes that spend time both on and off road, these 70% street / 30% off-road tires offer off-road traction and stability on road with excellent mileage.

GT923KV hilights:

  • Unbeattable off-road traction and handling
  • Cutting edge tread design lends to improved performance
  • Suitable for both light and heavy Enduro bikes
  • New tread compounds capable of obtaining a more uniform mix which in turn provides mechanical resistance to lacerations while still maintaining high dampening capability
  • Trapezoidal tread pattern has an innovative geometry which ensures progressive off road traction at various lean angles


  • Differentiated spacing and larger tread
  • Footprint area is more uniform and constant
  • Increased mileage on road and off-road
  • Increased stability and reduced vibration
  • GT923KV THE BEST CHOICE Even in case of asphalt
  • GT923KV The off-road tyre with on-road performance

On road agility

The profiles of the GT923KV are directly derived from those of the GT823KH, with the precise aim to increase the on-road behaviour.
It features a multi-radius profile with an increased width and overall length of the contour to increase the surface of the footprint area and hence grip and stability also when leaning.
The height of the shape has increased to improve dampening capacity and comfort.
Both front and rear tyre profile follows the same scheme and a similar geometry to ensure a synchronised behavior of the set.

Grip on dry and wet

GT923KV features a high silica compound with a balanced proportion of carbon-black and resins to achieve a high level of grip on road, both on dry and wet conditions.
A relevant percentage of carbon black increase knobs resistance to ‘tearing’ and premature wear when used on-road.
The right choice of polymer typology, fillers and resins combined with our exclusive and patented mixing process is the key to improve the cohesion of the different ingredients at molecular level,

achieving an unmatched level of homogeneity of the polymeric matrix that maximizes its properties and characteristics, granting solid performances over time.

Traction in all conditions

The tread design of the GT923KV is delivered from the disruptive layout of GT823KH and its uniquely shaped knobs with the precise objective to provide great on-road performance, wear regularity and a high level of stability combined with a cross-country appeal.
Extra-large central blocks create a wide and solid contact patch which ensures high speed stability on-road.
When riding off-road, the SPECIAL shaped knob layout with its multiple operating edges of blocks ensure acceleration, traction and braking grip;

on-road, the multi-pitch knob layout is able to reduce contact vibrations, and it contributes to maximize wear uniformity and deliver effective mileage.
Longitudinal grooves in the middle of the central blocks provide water evacuation and self-cleaning ability form dirt.
Wide transversal grooves contribute to make central blocks to dig the soil, providing off-road traction especially on dirt and hard-packed clay soils.
The variable shape of the block, together with their V-shaped layout ensures multiple operating edges that enhance off-road traction.
Big lateral blocks ensure a large contact patch when leaning, providing cornering grip and stability even at high speed.

Integration with electronic rider aids

GT923KV ensure an optimal integration with electronic rider aids such as ABS and traction control.
The combination of the extra-large blocks with their V-shaped layout and the high stiffness of the tyre structure enables a high level of stability, traction and smooth rolling, providing a clean signal and information transmitted to the ABS, Traction Control and other rider electronic aids, not interfered by tread patter vibrations or deformations typically found with other knobbly tyres.